Why Marketing Matters When Selling Your Home

If you’re a Westchester County home owner and have been contemplating whether or not you should sell your home, this article is for you.

Interest rates across the country are on the rise, and the unprecedented seller's market is beginning to show signs of cooling off. Properly marketing your home is again becoming a key component in order to compete with other home sellers and sell quickly at the best possible price.

Keep reading to understand how important it is to effectively market your home in this market, as well as the latest real estate marketing techniques that realtors use. 


Key Reasons to Have an Impeccable Home Marketing Strategy

The purpose of marketing is simple: create the interest that leads to the sale, and regardless of the state of the real estate market, you are still competing against other sellers looking to sell quickly for as much money as possible.

Right now, however, more inventory and more seller price reductions signal a cooling market, and increase the importance of an impactful home marketing strategy more than ever, as buyers are no longer have to deal with extremely low inventory and bidding wars. Home buyers are becoming increasingly capable of picking and choosing as they please, so your home has to stand out and be at the right place at the right time!


Marketing Strategies to Successfully Sell Your Home

As a starting point, you’re going to want to seek out the services of an experienced real estate team that thoroughly knows the ins and outs of your market.

The Schwartz McCrossan Team takes a holistic approach to selling homes, blending modern marketing technologies with tried-and-true methods. Here is an overview of what works best:


Website Lead Acquisition

The biggest reason we’re able to make your home stand out is because we control the presentation of it on our website We will showcase your home the way we envision it and let buyers know exactly what we love about your home. A properly utilized real estate website (such as this one) is user-friendly, aesthetic, and captures hundreds of leads each month.


Video Marketing

We’re on YouTube! With YouTube ads, we can use Google Ads sophisticated audience targeting and specifically place buyer-oriented videos in front of buyers in the market to buy a home in your area as per Google's algorithms.


Home Staging

Home staging is crucial for the sale of any home. Before any potential buyers see your property or take photos, fixing any unsightly issues is required. We provide professional home staging guidance to help you create a clean, neutral, welcoming feel that makes it easy for buyers to visualize themselves at home.


Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, most people are on social media on a daily basis for entertainment, news, advice and opportunities. If you want to make people aware of your home, you must promote your listing on major social media platforms such as Facebook an Instagram.

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, we can place your home in front of tens of thousands of potential buyers. Social media marketing is a key factor in our clients’ successful home sales.


Meet the Schwartz McCrossan Team

The Schwartz McCrossan Team is the Leading Team in Westchester, Putnam, and Lower Fairfield Counties. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service, invaluable insights and expert negotiation.

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